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OSD Tanks, Water Tanks & Culvert Construction Sydney & Regional NSW

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    OSD Tanks, Water Tanks & Culvert Construction Sydney & Regional NSW

    We hope that by now you already know and trust Masta Concrete with all of your conventional concrete construction needs in Sydney and Regional NSW. But what if your particular need seemed a bit out of the realm of what a concrete construction firm would normally supply?

    What if your current concrete needs were OSD Tanks, Concrete Water Tanks, or Concrete Culverts? Just keep calling on Masta Concrete because we do those things too!

    Let’s take a look at these unique concrete applications available from the concreters Sydney and Regional NSW can depend on.

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    OSD (Onsite Stormwater Detention) Tanks From Masta Concrete

    To handle significant stormwater run-off in a residential area, the use of an OSD Tank will be implemented. These run-off control tanks are beginning to be rather widely used in areas seeing rather substantial amounts of new home construction. Think for a moment about these new neighbourhoods that are being built. Suddenly there are many flat surfaces such as paved roads, sidewalks, concrete driveways, and rooftops. These flat surfaces will create additional stormwater run-off as they will be replacing the open ground where normal run-off could be handled quite well by Mother Nature. Concrete gutters and storm drain will be added, but these additional flat surfaces will be creating so much additional run-off that a stormwater storage solution is needed.

    This is where an OSD Tank will be required by the design and needed by the additional stormwater run-off.
    As far as the design of the OSD Tank is concerned, it must be able to handle the equivalent of a 100-year ARI and properly suited to control the discharge to make sure the system can endure the added run-off quantity. It is simply a concrete holding tank to further prevent any flooding these new construction sites may be prone to having.

    These tanks can be constructed on-site either above or below ground depending on the particulars of the stormwater management system design. These tanks must adhere to the Confined Spaces Regulation as well as featuring interior step irons should the depth reach 1200mm or more. If the area is prone to hydrostatic pressures and gas buildup, a gas relief device should be installed.

    Concrete Water Tanks From Masta Concrete

    Are you in need of a water storage solution in Sydney or Regional NSW? Masta Concrete does that too! Our concrete water tanks can be constructed on your site, to your design specifications from readily available material to substantially reduce the time from concept to realisation!

    When you are faced with the need for water storage tanks, choosing to have a concrete water tank constructed on your site is a cost-effective alternative to plastic, fibreglass, or steel water tank design.
    As far as benefits go for concrete water tanks, here as some key elements to consider when choosing your water storage solution.

    • An in-ground concrete water tank will keep your collected water cold all summer long!
    • Even if you choose an above-ground concrete water tank, sunlight can still not penetrate the concrete walls keeping your water fresher, longer!
    • Water that is alkaline, cold, and removed from sunlight will not support the growth of any bacteria that gets into the tank. Concrete water tanks will keep your water clean and drinkable for many years!
    • Any water struggles to maintain a proper ph balance. A concrete water tank is the only manmade water storage device that will allow this to happen. To neutralise itself, the water will absorb some minerals from the walls of the concrete tank!

    The leaching of minerals may at some point compromise the integrity of the tank but a well-constructed concrete water tank from Masta Concrete should be good to go for at least the foreseeable future!

    Concrete Culverts Bases And Foundations From Masta Concrete

    In areas where flooding or substantial run-off water is free-flowing, the ideal solution could be installing concrete culverts. These are the preferred solution where roads or driveways are to be installed.

    The culvert itself can be built on-site only after a proper concrete base is installed matching the culvert design. For example, if you need a rectangular culvert installed, first you need the proper base. These bases are simply small concrete slabs that allow the three-sided culvert to be constructed on top.

    If there are other culvert styles to be installed, having your site inspected by the team from Masta Concrete will answer the type of foundation needed for your particular culvert installation.

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    We are owner builders and got in touch with Masta Concrete to do our concrete slab and foundations for our new house build. They did a great job and all ways kept us informed of what was happening at each stage. They organised the engineering inspections and the whole job went smoothly. We highly recommend Masta Concrete.

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