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Concrete Slabs For House, Duplex, Grannyflats & More in Wollongong.

Are you an owner builder or building company? Do you need a concrete slab for you’re new project?
Masta Concrete specializes in all aspects of concrete slab construction, from initial excavation and earthworks through to construction and completion of you’re new concrete house slab and suspended slabs. See our services and options below.

Concrete Slab Services Wollongong

Wafflepod Concrete House Slab

Waffle Pod Slab

Waffle slabs are a reinforced concrete beams and slab systems constructed on the ground using foam void formers also know as “waffle pods”

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Concrete Slabs Foundations Sydney

Concrete Flooring

We provide concrete flooring for all types of projects such as industrial warehouses, factories, residential & commercial concrete flooring.

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Suspended Concrete Slabs Sydney new

Suspended Slab

Suspended slabs are heavily reinforced concrete slabs that are not in direct contact with the ground. They form roofs or floors above ground or basement levels.

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Raft Slab Construction

Conventional Raft Slab

A Conventional Slab/Raft Slab is reinforced concrete footings, beams and slab systems designed to be built into the ground. 

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Basment Construction Sydney

Basement Slab

Basements Slabs are reinforced concrete slabs that form the foundations of floors and structures above.

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Concrete Slabs Sydney new

Hardstands & Pavements

Hardstands and pavements are slabs that are built on the external of you’re home or property.

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  • We are reliable and dependable
  • We work transparently with all our clients and partners
  • We are committed and dedicated to providing high quality works
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  •  Member of Master Builders Association
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Are you ready to build? Get in touch with us now for a free estimate for you’re new home or renovation. For quick estimates please attach you’re plans to the enquiry below. If you need concrete & landscape plans let’s us know.

Decorative Concrete Colours & Designs

Coloured Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Diamond Cut Concrete

Stencilled Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Contact us today to discuss what other ranges our suppliers have available or the
design mix you have in mind for your project.

Decorative Concrete Colours & Designs

With our wide range of concrete design options we can customize to suit
you’re needs & requirements.

Contact us today to discuss what other ranges our suppliers have available or the
design mix you have in mind for your project.

Concrete Slabs Wollongong

Concrete has been used for thousands of years as the material of choice for most slab foundations and structures throughout the world including Wollongong.

Concrete Slabs are suitable for the foundations of homes, driveways and other buildings a like due to its superior strength, structural integrity and durability.

Get in touch with us to discuss you’re concrete slab requirements.