Concrete Slab Construction Sydney And Regional NSW

Concrete Slab Construction Sydney and Regional NSW

Masta Concrete installs high-quality, concrete slabs all over Sydney and regional NSW. Get in touch for a quote today!.

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    Quality Concrete Slabs In Sydney

    Since the time of the Roman Empire, we have been constantly using and perfecting concrete as the material of choice in most of our commercial and residential construction projects.

    Most of the foundations for buildings and structures, such as residential homes and commercial developments you see around Sydney and in NSW are built on concrete foundations and concrete slabs.

    Let’s take a look at the construction process of a concrete slab and then a look at different types of concrete slabs that are being used in today’s commercial and residential construction projects.

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    Concrete Slab Construction

    Perhaps the single biggest factor in having a concrete slab constructed for your project is not the slab itself. It is engaging in a good working relationship with a concrete slab builder that has experience in concrete slab construction.

    Before the concrete trucks can begin delivering, your site must be properly prepared. The ground must be cleared and brought to a point where the plumbers and electricians can ‘trench’ and install their particular services. When the utilities are laid under where the slab will be, they are then stubbed up above where the concrete will be poured and properly identified for other construction crews to complete their jobs once the slab has cured. When all of this groundwork is finished, the concrete forms can be constructed around the perimeter of the slab, the concrete slab footings can be prepared, and all specifications must meet local codes, as well as architectural design requirements.

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    The bedding of the concrete slab can now be placed on top of the prepared site. It is recommended to use road base, or crusher dust that meets all local building codes. The bedding is important as it will enhance the longevity of your concrete slab and provide an extra layer of protection against the slab cracking in several places after the settling process begins.

    After the bedding is installed, concrete reinforcement can be added. This will most likely be in the form of re-bar that is laid in the slab site and resembles a kind of grid-like pattern. These steel bars will reinforce the concrete slab for the duration of its life.

    Now the trucks can begin the concrete delivery. Concrete will be poured into the formed area, brought flush with the tops of the forms, any specific finishes applied to the surface of the concrete before it is then allowed time to cure. To make sure the concrete is packed into every void in the formed area, internal or external vibration will be applied drawing the concrete into these areas that can sometimes go unnoticed.

    The curing of the slab involves spraying it with water a few times each day for the first week. This process will make sure the concrete has properly sealed. When 24 hours have passed, the forms may be removed and the slab can be walked. That being said, you should wait at least 7 days before adding any significant weight on top of the slab.

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    Types Of Concrete Slabs

    Now we’ve covered slab construction, let’s look at some different types of concrete slabs in Sydney.

    Concrete House Slabs

    A concrete house slab serves two purposes. It is both the foundation of the home while it is also the main floor of the home. These slabs are constructed in the process outlined above and are widely used in residential foundations of new home construction. A properly installed concrete house slab will serve as the starting point for the actual home construction. It is important to note that the slab must be perfectly square and level to avoid any construction setbacks down the road.

    Granny Flat Slab

    Thinking about building a small flat for one or both of your children, aging parents or for a second income? Either way, if you are about to construct a ‘granny flat’ having a concrete slab for its foundation is ideally the best option. A concrete slab will allow you to build the granny flat as close to ground level as possible and the concrete slab foundation will last a lifetime.

    Waffle Pod Slab

    Just as its name implies, the waffle pod slab if viewed from underneath after curing looks like the grid pattern of a waffle! This type of slab is prepared and formed as above. The big difference is the polystyrene blocks that are placed in the form to create specific ‘voids’ in the slab. The surrounding concrete then forms ‘concrete ribs’ between these blocks giving the slab tremendous strength across any wide span.

    Conventional Raft Slab

    The conventional raft slab is a concrete base where thickened beams are laid down right on top of the base. This type of slab literally ‘floats’ on top of the ground much like a raft floats on water.

    Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of concrete slab construction and the different types of slabs that can be utilised.


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    Ali from Masta Concrete was very professional in all aspects of the job. The whole job run very smoothly and an outstanding product was delivered. Sometimes it can be daunting finding good, reliable tradesmen but when we found Ali it took all our worry away.

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    We are owner builders and got in touch with Masta Concrete to do our concrete slab and foundations for our new house build. They did a great job and all ways kept us informed of what was happening at each stage. They organised the engineering inspections and the whole job went smoothly. We highly recommend Masta Concrete.

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