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    The Best Coloured Concrete Driveway in Sydney

    Coloured concrete driveways can give your property an attractive and striking appearance. You don’t need an unusual material to achieve an extraordinary look, just a little pigment mixed into durable light-grey concrete. Contrast your other concrete elements while making a real impact with your curb appeal which rolls literally out to the curb. Give your driveway a warm hue, a dusty vibrancy, or cool contrast to make both your home and garden stand out on your street. If you are planning to remodel your driveway with coloured concrete, we love the idea! Whether you’re just considering the idea or already have a vision of what your new driveway will look like, a few insights from our Sydney concreting experts will help you make the best installation choices and plan the perfect-coloured driveway.
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    What to Consider Before Installing a Coloured Concrete Driveway

    • Your Target Colour
    • Pigment Mixing Concrete
    • Concrete Surface Texture and Detail
    • Topcoat Concrete Sealant
    • Future Maintenance
    • Calculating the Cost

    The Right Colour for Your Property

    The first step is to choose your colour. The right colour for your driveway will also be the right colour to match your home exterior decor – or contrast your home’s colours in an elegant and striking way. Step out to your curb and look at your home from some distance. Is your home palette made of warm or cool colours, tending toward warm beige, cool grey, or is there already a vibrant colour palette to match? One way to help you choose the right driveway colour is to take a photo of your home exterior, then toy with digital driveway colours until the right palette pops from the page.

    Mixing the Pigment To Get Your Colour

    Once you choose a colour, look at samples of pigments in that colour range mixed into concrete. Samples help you really know how that colour will look mixed into the grey concrete and allowed to dry. Explore your options until you find the perfect mix, then trust your Sydney concrete driveway specialists to create that same pigment-balanced mix when your coloured driveway is poured.

    Add Top Texture For Detail and Safety

    Texturing your driveway is always a smart choice that can also make your driveway more beautiful. You can choose a grinding texture, a drag texture, and a rocky texture. Each gives your driveway a unique appearance. More importantly, they add traction to your driveway, making it safer to walk on, more secure to drive on, and less likely to become slippery when it rains.

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    Types of Concrete Texture to Choose From

    Broom Finish

    Broom finish is done by dragging a large flat broom (like a push broom) across the surface of your concrete as it dries. This creates a lined texture that both handles moisture well and provides a slip-resistant surface for safe walking. Usually, the broom is dragged perpendicular to the direction of travel, so from side to side across your driveway instead of down the driveway.

    Hone and Seal

    Hone and seal are done by lightly grinding the top of a dry concrete slab until a small amount of the aggregate is exposed. Then that aggregate is sealed in for a “matte” finish on your concrete driveway. Hone and seal should not be confused with polished concrete, achieved with a similar method but too slippery to be driveway safe.

    Exposed Aggregate

    Exposed aggregate is a pebble-rich and potentially beautiful texture. This texture is achieved by letting the concrete start to dry, then use water and a brush to clear away the top layer of mortar. This leaves your aggregate, usually lovely pebbles and stones, exposed with the bonus of greater traction in addition to an eye-catching texture.


    Sandblasting can almost always be used to add texture – to pretty much anything. Sandblasting can etch little grooves and craters into the top of your coloured driveway without exposing a significant amount of aggregate. Light sandblasting can provide a reliably rough and slip-resistant texture without notably changing the colour appearance.

    Sealant Over A Coloured Concrete Driveway

    Next, talk about sealant with your driveway team. A good sealant not only protects the colour, but it can also prevent cracking and other damage in the future by keeping moisture out of your porous mortar and aggregate. Moisture is the leading cause of driveway cracks so a good sealant goes a long way.

    Concrete Driveway Maintenance And Durability

    One of the great things about a coloured driveway is low maintenance for a powerful impact on the beauty of your home. Coloured concrete, like any concrete, needs very little care. Sweep or hose it down every now and then and keep an eye out for cracks and you could be enjoying a beautiful driveway for a decade without a worry.

    How Much Does A Coloured Concrete Driveway Cost?

    The cost of a coloured concrete driveway can depend on the colours of choice, the level of your land, the number of groundworks required and the size of the actual-coloured concrete driveway. The average cost of a coloured concrete driveway for your home can range from $5,000 to $12,000 depending on the information outlined above. It may be less or more if your driveway is smaller or larger. To get an exact price for your coloured concrete driveway, get in touch with us.

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