What Type Of Concrete Is Best For Garage Floors? - Masta Concrete

While building your garage, it’s natural to face a common dilemma: what type of concrete is best for garage floors? The question seems to be obvious, as you have a tough call to make. After all, it’s essential to ensure that the garage floor would be taking the load of trucks, cars, workbenches, and other objects. Most Australians reach out to professional service providers, who recommend the right grade of concrete. Besides, experts can help you build a neatly finished floor for the garage.

Now that a wide range of concrete materials is available in the market, it would be a tricky job to choose the best grade. Before exploring the most relevant type of concrete that would suit your needs, let’s understand what a garage floor should be like.

What’s the ideal garage floor like?

Of course, you would expect the garage floor to be sturdy, but that’s not the only element to inspect. It should also be hardwearing, especially if you have plans to park heavy vehicles. Moreover, the material should withstand cold weather when you pour concrete.

With professional service providers around, you need not worry about the endurance of your garage floor. A reputed contractor should be able to guide you in this regard. This way, you can get a properly finished floor for your garage, ready to endure pressure from trucks and cars for decades.

Common types of concrete for garage floors

Here are some of the recommended grades of concrete that can be suitable for your garage floors.

1. ST3

Established commercial contractors recommend various types of concrete for their garage floors. Among these, the most common is the ST3 variant. In case you need a light-duty garage floor for car parking, this variant would suit your needs. Apart from garage floors, this type of concrete finds extensive application in reinforced bases, foundations, and house floors.

2. ST4

With the ST4 variant, the garage floor would get a greater degree of strength. If you plan to build a garage to keep small trucks or vehicles heavier than cars, this variant would be ideal for the purpose. These floors are incredibly durable and strong.

3. ST5

Among the ST grade of concrete, this is the strongest variant. Ideally, contractors manufacture the floor slabs for the garage using this variety of concrete. Moreover, if you are looking for a reinforced floor, ground-bearing, or suspended floor, go for ST5 concrete.

4. Gen 3

The Gen 3 variant is popular among domestic garage owners. Besides, contractors can work on a permanent finish on the flooring, such as a carpet on this type of concrete. However, the application of the Gen 3 variant is restricted only for domestic garages.

5. Reinforced Concrete

This is by far the strongest and sturdiest concrete for your garage floor. With this material, your garage floor would last long, withstanding tire treads of vehicles. For commercial garages, experts recommend reinforced concrete for longer durability.

If you are not sure about which type of concrete to go for, reach out to the specialists at Masta Concrete Pty Ltd. An established contractor in Australia, the experts would help you choose the right material and build the floor. This way, you can ensure a long lifeline of your garage floor.