5+ Types Of Concrete Finish To Consider

Have you been convinced that concrete is the most beautiful and durable for your next project? You’re not alone – because no material is more widely used all across Sydney, New South Wales, Australia … and even the world. It’s an incredible achievement for something not much more complex than cement and aggregate combined with water and poured into the shape or form you desire for curing. It’s also incredible versatile, with mixes tweaked and perfected but also a huge amount of concrete finishes that really make the final product look great and perform brilliantly for years to come.

But with so many types of concrete finish to choose from, how on earth are you going to decide what’s best for your project? Well, to be spoiled for choice, first you need to know precisely what choices lie ahead of you:

Finishing concrete – What are my options?

Is it all about appearance, or will some concrete finishes last longer, perform more suitably for the task, or even promote greater safety? Let’s take a deep dive into the concrete surface finishes available to you.

1. Troweled finish

This option will sometimes have the word ‘smooth’ at the front – for good reason. Yes, it’s smooth, yes, it’s glossy, and it’s all because of a trowel in the hands of a skilled concreter with a highly practiced pull-and-push action. It’s a perfect solution for a simple, sleek look, easy water run-off that is perfect for the veranda or path.

2. Broom finish

Arguably even more common for your concrete pathways and concrete driveways, though, is a broom-textured finish. And yes, this most popular of all the concrete surface finishes got its name from the broom, which gives the ridged texture we’re all so familiar with. It lasts a long time, it’s affordable, and it will give everyone a little more grip when it gets damp.

3. Exposed aggregate finish

Have you ever wondered how that beautiful concrete finish got its beautiful exposed look? We know that concrete is the result of cement-plus-aggregate, but when you wash away that top layer of cement, what you see on the surface are those beautiful aggregate contents – like shells, stones, glass, granite, or whatever else is used. This most beautiful of the concrete finish types are troweled as per normal, but then washed with a brilliant technique to get rid of the top layer and reveal what lies within. It’s attractive, it’s non-slip – it’s a great choice.

If you are looking for an exposed aggregate driveway, then we can help!

4. Stamped/stencilled finish

We’ve all seen it, but now you know the name – stamped. Stencilled concrete is similar because what really matters isn’t the name but that the concrete finish is in a pattern … no matter what that may be. Basically, you can stamp whatever pattern you like into the concrete, as it’s all a matter of aesthetic choice. Combine those rubber-stamped patterns with the colour you want, try to mimic a stone or other paved material finish if you like, and then stand back and marvel at the finished product. Just be aware – the stamping or stencilling process can make the concrete rather slick, so be careful if it’s going to be near a pool.

5. Salt finish

In fact, if it’s for a pool deck or another wet area, ask your concrete concreter about a salt finish. And don’t worry, because it’s just a matter of applying rock salt to the surface which is washed away after curing, leaving a grippy surface for slimy bare feet. Another great option is sandwashed concrete, which is a form of the exposed aggregate finish but with plenty of sandy particles leaving the surface a little like sandpaper for brilliant traction.

Are there any other concrete finish types you need to know about? Well, how much time do you have? If you choose your concrete contractor skilfully enough, the sky is just about the limit. Want a rough ‘normal concrete’ finish? Done. A Terrazzo finish with marbles chips? Can do. An undulating, curvy, swirly concrete finish? It’s possible. A post-cured colour stain you thought might be too outlandish to consider? Why not ask?

Ask Masta about our concrete finish types

For all these types of concrete finish and more, rest assured: The guys at Masta Concrete have seen it, done it, got the t-shirt. Our friendly and highly experienced Sydney concreting company is standing by to guide you through our comprehensive design and consultation process that will most definitely give you the result you’re seeking, so get in touch with Masta Concrete today.