Concrete Pool Basics - Masta Concrete

Well, you love the cool splash in your swimming pool after a hot day. Even a refreshing dip in the morning can help you brace up for the challenges ahead. So, you have decided to build a concrete pool on your premises, right? It’s imperative to check out the concrete pool basics, so that you don’t get surprises later on.

After all, concrete happens to be one of the most popular and cost-effective materials for swimming pools. The design flexibility and durability of concrete make it a versatile material. In this post, you will get to know everything about concrete pools, including their advantages and drawbacks.

How much does it cost to build a concrete pool?

Building a concrete pool in Australia would cost you anything between $50,000 and $100,000. It depends on the design, landscaping, location, and certain other particulars. When you plan to install a swimming pool, it would be prudent to factor in the maintenance costs. Apart from the initial cost, you need to consider spending another $20,000 over the years to keep the pool in usable condition.

What makes concrete pools so durable?

As a material, concrete is known for its high compressive strength. The material is a mixture of sand, cement, stone, gravel, and water. Established commercial contractors use high-grade concrete in swimming pools to ensure a long lifespan. During the construction process, the professionals spray shotcrete or gunite. While shotcrete is a wet mixture with water, the latter is a dry one. Both these materials serve the same purpose, helping the concrete deliver its full potential in terms of strength. The hardening process takes time, and the process is termed curing. For swimming pool, it might take as much as 28 days.

Advantages of concrete pools

A large section of Australian homeowners choose concrete over other materials when it comes to building their swimming pools. Using concrete brings you a plethora of advantages.

1. Customizable finish

You would love to make your swimming pool look different from the ones in your neighbour’s place, right? With concrete, you can easily personalize the design. A wide range of colour and design options are available. Moreover, you can let your imagination fly high, shaping your swimming pool like different objects like cars. Depending on your budget, you need to consult a reputed commercial contractor.

2. Highly durable

While fiberglass pools are known for their long lifelines, concrete pools serve no less. In fact, it’s a better option as fiberglass pools might sustain damage if it gets in contact with sharp objects. Even if your pet takes a dip in the pool, the concrete wouldn’t take scratches!

However, you need to refinish the plaster shelling the pool from time to time.

3. Stability

Australia is known for both hot and cold weather conditions. It’s crucial to choose a material for your pool that can handle the heat as well as the cold. Concrete happens to be the perfect solution, and the material won’t warp away like plastic!

On the downside, the material might not be as smooth as fiberglass. Also, constructing a concrete pool takes longer. However, the overall perks of a concrete swimming pool easily overweighs the cons. Reach out to one of the leading swimming pool building companies like Masta Concrete Pty Ltd for a quality installation.