5 Ways To Settle The Asphalt VS Concrete Driveway Debate

Looking to spruce up your driveway? As one of the first things anyone notices about your place from the street, it’s an easy way to make an impression and add a lot of value to your property – not to mention the prestige and convenience of a brand new, professionally-installed driveway for your valuable cars that you’ll use each and every day.

But once you’ve made the decision to install a 5-star driveway, you’ll quickly run into one of the most basic quandaries: should it be concrete, or is asphalt a better idea?

A deeper look: concrete vs asphalt driveway

You’ve certainly seen plenty of concrete driveways in Sydney and all over the place, and for very good reason – it has become the material of choice for a beautiful looking driveway. You may have also noticed some choosing asphalt driveways. We all drive on it once we hit the roads, but is asphalt really a good choice for your new driveway?

Let’s take a look at some of the headline benefits of asphalt:

Is it more cost-effective?: You might have noticed that asphalt can be cheaper than a quality concrete driveway.

Is it more durable?: It’s used on the roads for a good reason – asphalt can handle a lot of cars, trucks and other vehicles, that’s for sure.

Does it look better?: Asphalt is obviously generally darker than concrete, so you might be tempted to reduce glare – or maybe you just want a slice of road out your lounge window.

Asphalt or concrete driveway: The real truth

But while those selling or recommending an asphalt driveway might list those types of benefits above, it’s important to realise that both concrete and asphalt is fundamentally a mix of aggregate and sand. The difference is bitumen, making asphalt easily repairable and highly durable – which is what you need … for a road. However, there’s quite a bit more to this debate that you also need to consider.

Why else should you choose concrete over asphalt?

If you’ve had a concrete driveway before and loved it, or you just want something as beautiful as the neighbour’s concrete driveway, don’t immediately jump on the asphalt bandwagon! Let’s explore 5 reasons why:

1. Colour

Bear in mind that asphalt basically only comes in one colour … road colour. That is, it starts off dark and over time fades to that stereotypical ‘old road’ grey. Concrete, on the other hand, is typically grey or limestone colour, but it’s very simple to skilfully add in oxide for that beautiful coloured concrete driveway that works best for your place.

2. Durability

Do you suspect an asphalt driveway will last longer? While it’s true that it’s used on the roads for that reason, including the fact that it’s easy to repair, don’t be fooled, and don’t forget: your driveway is NOT a road!

Remember, your concrete driveway will be laid upon a specialised and solid foundation, prepared by concrete driveway experts who do it every day – for decades. So while your concrete driveway may not survive 30 years of non-stop peak hour with 18-wheeler trucks, that’s not really something you need to worry about, is it? Asphalt driveways are actually MORE prone to damage, with concrete the sturdier choice for a finish that should easily last decades of heavy use.

3. Maintenance

Someone may have told you that asphalt driveways are very easily repaired, which is – again – not really the full story. Rest assured, your concrete driveway recipe is perfectly adapted to all Australian seasons, meaning that, if installed properly, it will cope without significant maintenance of any type, even if your land is more prone to surface movement.

4. Sustainability

Environmental considerations are important these days – even in this concrete vs asphalt driveway analysis. In truth, neither option is particularly bad for the planet, but concrete is probably the solution that will need the least serious repairs or ongoing maintenance. And just think about how many times your vehicles’ wheels will pass over that finish. With a smooth concrete finish, your carbon footprint will be smaller than rough asphalt, that’s for sure.

5. Aesthetics

If your choice is coming down to looks, that’s a simple one: do you want a classic ‘slice of the road’ look out of your lounge window, or a concrete driveway that can be styled in basically any way you fancy? Polish it up or leave it exposed, match colour with your home’s look and feel, browse a cool stamped concrete driveway pattern, and ask your experienced concrete contractor what else they can do to make your new driveway look amazing.

Asphalt vs concrete driveway: The verdict

Hey, at the end of the day, the choice is yours! But we’re not going to beat around the bush – Masta Concrete can put in a stunning, long-lasting driveway for you at a great price. Keep it simple, add a colour, stamp or stencil in a pattern, leave it exposed, polish it to a sheen – all with the help of Masta’s driveway masters who’ll put in the work so that your new concrete driveway will last and look great for decades. Get in touch with our Sydney concreting company today and ask about our simple design and consultation process.